CNBC Asks if McDonald’s is Golden or Broken


Is McDonald’s “broken”? That’s the question being asked by CNBC. According to their report, McDonald’s franchisees are furious and not “lovin” it.

Franchise respondents rated the chain’s six-month outlook for its domestic business more negatively than at any time in Janney’s 11-year survey history. The group, which represents about 215 U.S. locations, also reported an extremely strained relationship with corporate; that metric also hit new lows.

“McDonald’s system is broken,” one wrote. “They talk menu reduction to help our people, simplify our menu for customers—but add products to help sales and it does not work. We will continue to fall and fail.”

The dismal outlook comes as McDonald’s struggles to turn its U.S. business around amid stiff competition from chains like privately held Chick-fil-A and Chipotle Mexican Grill.

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CNBC – Is McDonald’s Broken

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