Franchise Find: Best In Class Education

Name of Franchise: Best in Class Education
Children’s Supplemental Education and Tutoring Center

About this Franchise Opportunity
From the company:
Welcome to Best in Class Education Center, where learning lasts a lifetime.
Our mission at Best in Class Education is to help our students achieve their personal best. Our management and instructional teams are comprised of passionate, dedicated, and energetic individuals who share our same mission.
Our various educational programs include our Enrichment Program, SAT preparation, ACT preparation, Gifted Test Preparation, Private Tutoring, and our Summer Camp Program. These flexible and affordable programs gives our franchisees the ability to develop and maintain relationships with our students.
The Best in Class Education business model offers flexibility for our franchisees, which allows them to work part-time hours for a full-time income.
At Best In Class our promise is to help our students achieve their best, and we make the same promise to our franchisees.
As a partner in education with Best in Class we want to ensure you are set you up for success. By utilizing the tools we have developed for you, you are able to offer extensive after schools programs that are flexible and affordable for families, and run a rewarding business!

Proprietary Curriculums

  • Math & English Enrichment Programs: Pre K – 11th Grade
  • ACT Preparation
  • SAT Preparation
  • College Preparation
  • Gifted Test Preparation
  • Private Tutoring
  • Summer Camp
  • BIC Software

Our Best in Class software helps you operate your center seamlessly by tracking inquiries, students, payments, automated invoicing, scheduling, and more!
Our Proprietary printing software helps minimize expenses and reduces overhead. Best of all, you are able to utilize our software from anywhere!
BIC Financial Review: After your center is open we will work with you to analyze your P&L’s to determine ways to reduce overhead and make sure your center is running as efficiently as possible.
If you are searching for an opportunity to join the rapidly growing education industry, Best in Class Education may be the perfect opportunity for you.

Description of Franchise Concept
Best in Class Education is a top-tier educational center that has built a curriculum around strong critical-thought. Our programs emphasize student mastery, long-term retention, and, as a result, academic success both in and out of the classroom.
Best in Class offers the best in every classroom.

  • Our two part approach to learning and teaching lays the foundation for skill development.
  • Our proprietary materials include not only memorization, but problem solving, which promotes analytical thinking.
  • We also incorporate standardized testing exercises in our weekly homework packets.
  • Teachers invest time in correcting and reviewing the homework with the students.
  • Our teachers actively instruct and keep students engaged in their studies.
  • Our material is not repetitive and is enjoyable for the students.

Company Highlights
Unit Option: Single, Multiple, Area/Master Developer
Franchised Units: 32
Owned Units: 11
New Units: 12
Year Established: 1995
First Year Franchised: 2011
Type of Business: Brick and Mortar
Hours of Operation: All
Number of Employees: 3-7

History: Best in Class Education was formally known as Brain Child which was founded in 1988.

In 1995 Hao Lam, our Chief Executive Officer at Best in Class opened became the first licensee for Brain Child. Because of Hao’s seasoned business experience and his success operating his education centers Hao understands the tools and resources that are required to run a successful Best in Class Education center.

Our northwest expansion began in 2004 and since then we have continued to grow across the United States. We began offering franchise opportunities in 2012 and we are pleased to say that today we have 30 open Best in Class Education Centers across the country, and have new centers coming in New Jersey, Texas, California, and Oregon!

Financial Info
Liquidity: $30,000 – $40,000
Minimum Investment: $69,000
Average Investment: $85,000
Minimum Net Worth: $100,000
3 Month Cash: $10,000
6 Month Cash: $20,000
1 Year Cash $40,000
Franchise Fee: $30,000
Royalty: 12%
Advertising: 2%
Ramp-Up: 6
Passive Ownership: Semi Passive
Passive Owenership Explain: Must have competent Manager
Discount Multiple Licenses: Multiple Licenses
Discount Veterans: Veterans
Item 19: Item 19

Training, Support and Assistance
Co-Operative Advertising: Available
Site Selection Assistance: Available
Lease Negotiation Assistance: Available
Length of Training: 7 Days
Training Description:
Best in Class Training Program
Best in Class Franchisees and their Management team attend a seven day training program at the corporate office in Seattle, Washington.
Training Curriculum:
Review Proprietary Curriculums
Observe Best in Class Centers: Once they have completed the training they will have the opportunity to teach at one of our Best in Class Centers.
BIC Software & Portal
Marketing: Determine a grand opening campaign, PR, and an ongoing campaigns.
Human Resources: Our Director of Human Resources will share where we find our teachers, who we look for, and provide applications and guidelines so that they may hire the best teachers possible!
Business & Operations Review: Hao Lam, CEO of Best in Class will review every aspect of Best in Class business model. Discuss business development, operations, and provides an overview of P&L’s to set up every franchisee for success.
Our franchisees will receive grand opening assistance and continue to receive ongoing support.
Our Franchise Support Group will visit their center four days prior to their grand opening to ensure that our franchisee and their team are comfortable with our daily operations.
Prior to their grand opening we will review the proprietary curriculum and review the Best in Class business model. During the grand opening Best in Class Franchise Support Group will teach free classes and answer any questions new parents have regarding Best in Class.
The training and support doesn’t end once the center is open. We will provide training for new management personnel and training on updates to our proprietary curriculum. On a monthly basis we will review P&L’s with our franchisees to ensure their center is operating successfully.
Operational and Marketing Tools:
Proprietary Tools & Resources:
BC Portal
Student database, revenue reports, invoices, emails, notes
Printing Portal
Print materials on demand, no inventory needed, get the most updated materials, no wastage
Answer Key Portal
Electronic answer keys are securely stored on a tablet , eliminating the need for paper copies
BC Operations Manual
Human Resources
Financing Assistance: N/A

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