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Could You be a Master Franchisee?

You May Be Master Franchisee Material!

If you are an executive who has management experience, who is a leader, and who wants to create wealth with a strong annuity stream, master franchising is for you. As a master franchisee, your job is to coach and lead your team in building a franchises’ presence in your market. They are not that common and are not that easy to find, because a master owns such a large area of a franchise system. There aren’t many per franchise and so a country can be sold out quickly for a quality franchise. You have to get into a franchise at the right time in order to be able to get a master franchise.

Masters are literally the best of both worlds. That’s why they are in such high demand. They give you all the benefits of being a franchisee with the ability to share in the royalty streams and franchise fees from the franchisor. But you don’t have to start from scratch or recreate the wheel. You can step into a system that is already functioning properly and then just grow it by being the leader you are.

Pick franchises with a HIGH SCORE!

That’s right certain franchises score higher than others on important points like, failure rates, growth rates, financial performance, reputation, franchisee satisfaction and more. We have a scoring methodology that allows you to see how one franchise scores on a scorecard. We even have a tool that allows you to see one franchises score compared to a second franchises score. When you can see a side by side comparison of these things, it’s funny how quickly our clients chose the franchise they want to align with.

Franchising is an amazing platform because they have to disclose so much to prospective buyers. The crazy thing is that even though they give all this information, most people don’t know what they are looking at or how to view it. With a custom comparison report you can quickly see how the franchise rates based on the characteristics that are important to you and that is all that really matters in the end. Call today to have us pull a scorecard for you. It’s free!

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