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Excellent Book: An Introduction to Franchising


To download a copy of this 45 page book, click on the image above or this link (save the PDF for best results):

An Introduction to Franchising

This excellent book serves as a primer that all franchise seekers should study. Published by the International Franchise Association Educational Foundation, this short but thorough volume covers a lot of ground in 4 chapters.

Take a look at the questions answered in Chapter One:

  1. What is a franchise?
  2. What are common franchise terms?
  3. What are the alternatives to franchising?
  4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of owning a franchise?
  5. What are the legal issues in franchising?

Here are the top questions covered in Chapter Two:

  1. What are your options when you begin your business?
  2. How do you investigate your options?
  3. How do you investigate a franchise?
  4. What are your criteria for selecting a franchise?

The content in Chapter Three addresses these questions that Franchise Shoppers have as they do their due diligence on franchise opportunities:

  1. What are the key subjects in the franchise agreement?
  2. What information is found in the Disclosure Document (FDD)?
  3. What are the key items in the Disclosure Document (FDD)?
  4. What do you have to know about financial statements?
  5. Where can I get help?

In Chapter Four, we get to to these key questions you must ask:

  1. What should I ask the franchisor?
  2. What should I ask the franchisees?
  3. What questions should I ask myself before buying a franchise?
  4. What are the keys to franchise success?

The questions and answers are all laid out in a graphic, easy-to-consume fashion that makes this a valuable resource.

Download your copy today. It’s no cost – just another amazing resource found for you by Franchise-Seekers.com.

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